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I'm in love with you, why?

I'm in love with you, why?

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I fell in love with you
I had nothing to do
the day
I wanted someone to see
the night
I wanted something to dream
I fell in love with you
I could not be alone
the day
I wanted to talk of my dreams
the night
talk about love
and now
I would have a thousand things to do
I feel my dreams fade away 
but I can not think
nothing better than you
I fell in love with you
and now 
I not even known what to do
the day 
I'm sorry I ever met you
the night 
I come looking for you.

This song (translated from Italian without changing original words) 
by Luigi Tenco is dedicated to a special person, 
a person who knows how to give security, and love and care. 
I'm glad to have met you.
Beginning of a long, or perhaps short, talk about love. Love the real one and not occasional, and not of convenience, such as Luigi Tenco sang, because we have nothing to do. Yet it happens, even if you do not want, even if everything moves like a kaleidoscope, the speed of light, a flurry of color and sound, looks at flirting, him, her, there, touch, hs hand touches yours, mine, a great feeling for a moment and then ... 
And then those details which escape at glance careless, I protect you, walk on the safe side of the road, I'll take you, I love you, quiet, go slow do not drive fast.

I love you and all the rest does not matter, I love you and love blinds us, and I still love you and I do not even know why, but when I saw you, everything else does not matter. 
I love you, I love you so much but then I would say, if you think the meaning of this word you could escape. And I love you and I think of you and I can not sleep, an image inside of me. When you fall in love you never know really why .. if we knew love would become something to be explained rationally, and rationality has little to do with love ...

I love you because crossing the road with you by my side, gives me security even when security there's not, I love you because you can eat ice cream, when is only a cream and less ice, and I love you because I like as you look at me. 

I love you and there is nothing else for me.

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