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My Hearth and Soul

The story, if you just want to call it "story", is built around the alleged naivety of women, whether true or not, I'm going to analyze it.
Why are the girls so naive? They receive first honest love, sincere love and then realized by themself is a lost love. Why?

It always begins like this, on the one hand a man, a young man or a mature man, no matter the chronological age but the feeling. 
The man falls in love with the woman, it happens every day, we can't avoid it, it happens that also the woman fall in love with the man. Doesn't always work that way, I like to think, maybe because I'm in the same situation?

Then the two meet, they talk, maybe she is not particularly concerned, love is often a source of heartache, headache, tears, suffering, she does not think it's possible, yet it's so. Every day, the phone rang well enough to make her feel happy, maybe not, just a noise to avoid, we don't know but suppose it is. Will insecurity and worry if one day that girl go missing her concern. Because that girl know also, she love it! Not to meet regularly, she doesn't want, not to change so much her life, habits, friends, colleagues at the hotel where she works, a boyfriend, he's real? Not sure, but could be, let him believe there is, it's a complicated relationship, how to say? Open? I love you but you love another who loves another one at the end you find all the town loves you... But even that in return that girl will find herself very much interested, how I know? So complicated, it's an algorithm, a probability calculation, an heart feeling or I don't know, just guess. 

She thought love and happiness, and than she think where there is love, there is pain, means to cry a lot, perhaps she is afraid by her friends, what they can think about him, and the parents? At the school, teachers, people who criticizes because maybe he's not a young and hopeful man, married already, he has a son, uhu, and she thinks as someone said, do not rush to believe love someone too soon. But love arrives and nobody knows when it arrive. Soonest or latest it comes, and could be a storm to change everything.

Naive with her first real love, she doesn't understand love as she once thought! 

One day she found everything quiet, he doesn't call any longer, she knows he's gone? he texting "I will come back". He'll return? How sure, is a sailor promise? How to be sure, not sure, just awaiting, he will return. She await to call him back, perhaps thinks he's disturbed if she call and she doesn't call and on the other line only an electronic voice subscribers. What to think, there may be damage to the unit, battery machine, she remind herself not to mess things up. She wait, 1 day, 2 days to 1 week and did not receive any reply. Strangely, his facebook nick's still bright, still posting  messages aimlessly ... why did the quiet girl? She add 1 more week, it's all confusing silence? He, she in this novel there him and her, a man and a woman, who is in the place of the man could be in the place of the woman, confused, lost, in a multicolor mirror reflecting the anguish of both. Who are you man? Who are you woman? I lost you? I love you!

The man will have the responsibility to see why not send a message to his endless love, he think she is his love, what about her, she is a love of somebody, to be love or something to use, for a while waiting forever to do? But this girl knows what message, send message, do not respond to more sadness and thoughts it? Then recently, she decided to send a message, not a message asking "How are you lately?", "Are you okay?". "Why are not you texting me?" No, she right something else, to create confusion, thinking what is good or not, she loves me or not: "I don't know you call me", not to tell the true story, what's happens, probably it's true, she was in her class, studying but... tell him "I didn't see you" means we didn't meet because of you, not my fault, is your fault. That is the message to stop. Stop all! Stop waiting for their day, waiting, waiting, thinking about that person. Then she received no answer to agree or disagree with the right decision, but that message with content: "Endless love". After reading the message, that girl and also to have some hope that he will return no need to wait long time, he promised, he will return, still waiting for somebody to love, but he's her her first real love!  

Why this girl was so foolish, she get time, she has more than one month to tell she loves him, she lost time looking to empty wishes. He was not even busy, have a lot of time balance he was thinking of her the day and the night. Him bring her silence as a challenge, he believe, many question marks no answers that he still believes are stars. Perhaps she is his only love was right, doesn't matter what's happens before in his life, every love is a new love, a new life, forget the past, there's only the present and the future, what is the target but where is she? Maybe him is just another name on her list? He fading away with the person who asked about him?

Assume a short dialogue between mother and daughter, mothers often talk to their daughters even if they are committed to growing a large number of children, even if they have many problems, the children are all for a mom. 
She speaks with her mother and says, really is not a statement, I would say a question, dual sense, but mom knows her daughter, she argues, understands, empathizes with her, comes from the custom which sees the parents decide for their children, trying to provide an adequate response, there is love in this, love of mother: 

- Mother I'm in love.
- Who he is, he's a good boy?
- No mother he's not a boy, but a man.
- My dear, in love, age does not matter, he loves you?
- Yes mother, he loves me.
- So what are you waiting for, go to him.
- I can't mother, he left returned to his world, far away from here.
- I'm sorry daughter, but I see you still love him.
- Yes mother, I love him, he said he will return.
- So if it comes back not stop loving him, one day, one month, one year, your happiness should not give time, has to be happy all the time that life holds for us.
- Thank you mother for your wisdom, I'll wait for his return. 

There must be a new stumble stand up more firmly. Hey girl, do not forget nothing passes, not nostalgia, hope, waiting for what has passed. She hurt him enough already! Never had the thought of everything is lost, nothing lost until the end: "The top is hard to forget" that think that "Not the first love, nothing but to forget, she loves me, he loves her". 

Hey girl! The sun is always rising in the sky, somewhere! I await for you somewhere over the rainbow. I have not forgotten, I love you like before, I'll stay with you for as long as life will give me time.

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