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Uncle Bean, all natural and organic

Inspiration and Motivation

My name is Sergio Balacco, I am the Founder of Uncle Bean but not only that. You may have seen me in the web, in some magazine, or simply in a blog or maybe you are one of the happiest reader of my book. Well, I am that and much more.

The inspiration for Uncle Bean Soy Sweets & Dine comes from a trip I make some years ago in Asia, but it was a dream to open it since longtime. It came from all my travels, observations and inspired conversations with some of colleagues and friends who already succeeded in the food and beverage business. I one time I knew this was what I truly wanted instead of a full-time job but I didn’t really have a chance to make it happen until now. There are too many priorities behind the choices each one does in one's life. The family first, and then come the children and then the social state and then go into a vortex from which it is difficult to escape.

I believe that at some point in life you have to make choices, make compromises, to live better, to be happy. I've always been a good cook, I invented new recipes in order to improve my life and the lives of those around me, family, children, friends, colleagues.
The initial idea was to use soybeans as the basis of my recipes. I have been a precursor of soy, I agreed to eat soy steaks when even the taste was similar to the soles of shoes, I drank concoctions made from soy just to say that were good for the health. My Mediterranean culture left no room for this product of clear Asian origin, then after I was married to an Asian girl I discovered all the delights and peculiarities of this type of diet, mainly at the base of soy, exotic fruit, delicate natural herbal ingredients that wisely mixed are able to feed anyone making the right balance of calories and protein.

From a culinary point of view I am a citizen of the world.

I was born in Italy, in an average middle-class family without too many demands, besides the usual ones: earn money and live in the bunch. My father ran the world for business, the family followed. I attended my school years in six different countries, from every culture have absorbed customs and traditions also from a culinary point of view. My mother was open to try new recipes originating in each of the countries we visited, and maybe to process them to suit our Mediterranean tastes. 
 My brother and I grew up in a family that preferred to feed on fresh fruit and many vegetables rather than meat, because the latter carries cholesterol and with it health problems. It was just important to know that the meat had at the time high costs, and vegetable dishes were preferred as an alternative which filled and fed properly. The meat was a little but not as fish, this to make it clear to the reader that I am not vegan or even vegetarian. While loving vegan cuisine I do not want to give up the pleasures of the traditional Mediterranean diet. 

To make the idea a reality, serves a commercial space permanently. As the idea took shape, I started to prepare my favorite recipes using a system that works pretty well in Northern Europe but that wears a lot and moreover is too individual, it does not involve the rest of the family and, often, I feel lonely. Through a company that organizes parties at home, I prepared my smoothies, cakes, dishes to the delight of those present. Often praised and sometimes criticized because I do not put available my skills and my knowledge to all but only to the lucky few who could afford a party at home.
We need a permanent commercial space with a kitchen so that we can produce our global organic soy smoothies and sweets, cookies, tofu, soups, Taiyaki cakes and Takoyaki fish balls.

We need to improve our capacity to prepare, process, and package our original recipes. 

We need to explore the world of healthy eating soy-based, to experience new flavors, new combinations and then offer it to our customers. 

To be able to invent, test, try new recipes so that can meet the taste of our future customers, trying to satisfy even those who have never considered the soy as a health food.

We need to increase our support for vegan food programs and raising awareness on the benefits that soy brings to humans.

We need also a space where we can provide training and mentorship for youth, the prospect of a fulfilling job and always new.

We need to support the business community. 

Our goal is to raise €150,000

This will enable us to lease a commercial space and purchase the required equipment and cutlery, including: 

Industrial blenders - €2,800
Large industrial mixers - €6,000
Large Tayaki makers - €3,200
Walk-in fridge and freezer - €15,000
Vacuum Packaging Machine - €3,000
Industrial Juice Extractors - €1,500
Soy Milk and Tofu Production Machine - €22,000
Soy Milk Boilers - €1,500
Electrical & Plumbing - €4,200
Shelving, racks, tables, etc. - €3,500 

What happens if we do not reach our goal?

There's no harm in trying. If we do not reach our goal, we're aware that this might happen, so should we reduce our primary goals, reducing expenses. A space just for us (for rent) it's imperative to work and be able to experiment new recipes, we will make sacrifices, but we will have to reconsider our plans and continue working to achieve the goal in a longest term. The finishing of the commercial space will be made in economy, we'll figure us as painters and electricians, find out how to make an electrical system without ever seeing one, or improvise with minimum hydraulic knowledge.

This will take a lot of time. We are proud to have thought to grow, to create our own space but if we do not have enough funds we must reconsider everything, because we can not sacrifice quality of our recipes. We'll have to be able to focus on the possibilities of growing other aspects of the business even if it means reviewing our social commitment in the community, the time will be running out and we can not be everywhere at once.

You'll get a delicious return for your contribution

Depending on your contribution level, you will get:
  • A selection of Tayaki biscuits with soy cream or exotic fruits.
  • A selection of recipes for the preparation of delicious smoothies soy-based with tropical fruit and vegetable essences.
  • Handwritten thank-you note from the Chef.
  • Invitation to a post-campaign Celebration Cocktail Party
  • A fresh, tropical and organic light menu for up to 10 people, catered by Chef Sergio in the comfort of your home.
It is a tasty and appetizing proposal, reserved only for large contributors....

We have the talent, the recipes, the knowledge, the experience, the principals, the ethic, the enthusiasm necessary to succeed in our goal. We need your support to continue to grow!

Please join us in this fantastic and innovative culinary experience.

You can help other ways too: 

  • Please spread the word about our campaign to your friends. 
  • Looking for a holiday gift? Consider donating on behalf of family or friends.

 If you wish to contribute at Uncle Bean please click here: INDIEGOGO

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