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How to lose weight quickly: grandmother recipes

When one wants to lose weight quickly, one is often looking for the slightest tip that could make us lose a few sizes or a few extra pounds. So why not turn to a grandmother's cure for weight loss? We agree that it is not easy to check the effectiveness of each of the solutions listed below, but for some and some of you, it would seem that it would play its small effect in weight loss so why deprive. Having a balanced diet and practicing sports are of course the pillars of slimming but it will not cost you much to try a grandmother recipe to lose weight faster or easier.

1. Drink lemon water

Squeeze 1/2 lemon into a liter of water to drink all day. It is detox, diuretic and you can drink up to 2 liters per day of this drink.

2. Brushing your teeth after lunch

If you brush your teeth morning and evening, it is better to do it at noon as keeping the taste of food in the mouth will make you want to change it in the evening.

3. Pepper all dishes

Pepper helps digestion and therefore, it can burn fat faster. Also, do not hesitate to pepper all your dishes.

4. Do not eat after 7 pm

Thus, you will go around the dial without eating. So you draw the evening and night in fat reserves.

5. Drink green tea

Drinking green tea makes it possible to burn 80 more calories each day. It is therefore a trick of grandmother indispensable to lose weight faster.

6. Put parsley in all dishes

Parsley is diuretic, fights water retention and regulates blood sugar levels. Use this slimming ally on a daily basis in your dishes.

7. Drink herbal tea nettle

Boil a handful of nettle leaves in half a liter of water to concoct a slimming herbal tea very effective in removing fat.

8. Eat cold potatoes or eggs

Cold potatoes develop resistant starch that fills without being assimilated into fat. So do not hesitate to consume them as well.
As for eggs, they are low in calories but very high in protein which makes them excellent foods to lose weight.

9. Drink the cooking water of the artichokes

The cooking water of the artichokes has a bitter taste certainly, but excellent diuretic properties. Do not throw it away and drink it to lose weight faster.

10. Gum with coffee grounds

Caffeine is known as a slimming component often used in slimming creams. Also, to erase the thighs with coffee grounds allows to refine them.

11. Shopping with your belly full

This tip is particularly worth pursuing, because shopping when hungry encourages people to buy more foods with high caloric value.

12. Eat a tomato the morning

Eating a raw tomato early in the morning can help you slim down faster while regulating your cholesterol levels.

13. Eating soup at night

You know, you have to eat light in the evening. A soup of vegetables will satisfy you while bringing you everything necessary to hold until the next day.

14. Cleaning more often

The older generations do more housework than the new ones. Now, one hour of cleaning causes 200 calories to be lost so do not skimp on cleaning!

15. Eating Fruit at dessert

Instead of a dairy or a cake, eating a fruit at each meal end is a good habit that will allow you to lose weight faster.

Not all the proposed foods are significant to the taste, this is obvious. Besides, a diet imposes sacrifices, and who does not sacrifice to show itself more attractive at the beginning of summer? So arm yourself with strength and patience and slimming, being fat is not good, it's just stupid!

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